Smartphone Applications and Their Features

There are numerous applications on the internet which help in performance of various tasks. Some applications can be downloaded for free while others are paid. Users can download the apps on their smartphone and devices by browsing the web and various application stores. They can also download apk versions of the app. Users must ensure to download latest version of apps for example Vidmate 2018 for getting full benefits and zero ads. Some great apps are as follows:

Home workouts:

Anyone who wants to indulge in bodybuilding and wants to improve his/her health can use Home workout application. It is a great fitness app which has more than 100 fitness exercises inbuilt inside it.

All the exercises are home based workouts which do not require any kind of equipment.

One can watch the videos or read the training manual which have been specially curated by experienced fitness trainers.

Video to mp3:

This app allows its user to convert videos into mp3 format. It is a video converter which helps in conversion of MP4 videos into mp3 formats. This app is useful for those users who want to learn their lessons the go or learn a new language by listening to a podcast. The conversion rate is fast and is completed within minutes depending upon the size of the file. The app has its own media player and manager which can be accessed to search for previously converted files.

File browser:

This application allows users to save and search for files which are stored on the smartphone or sd card. It acts as a file explorer which can be used to search and even move the files from one folder to another. One can get information related to space occupied by different apps and files on the smart devices using the application. Moreover, the size of the application is small which can be downloaded on various devices without worrying about the space and RAM of the smart device.


Pixlr – Photo editor:

It is a photo editing application which helps users to edit the images using various features and filters available for free. One can improve the appearance of the images by increasing or decreasing the brightness, exposure and even the intensity of colours used in the images. Users can even use stickers and frames for their images which improve its appeal for social media posting. The images once edited can be saved in the gallery using the application.


This is a video downloading application which can be used to download videos, movies and music for free from any social media website. The app has a minimal interface which can be understood easily. The application provides excellent downloading speeds even in areas of poor internet connectivity. The size of the app is small and can be downloaded on older devices. Multiple videos can be downloaded at the same without any restriction on number of downloads. Vidmate 2018 should be downloaded for getting the latest updates and features of the application.

The above mentioned apps can help users to perform various tasks which can help in improving their productivity and business efficiency. They help to solve their entertainment needs as well. The apps have completely revolutionized the human life.

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