Background Check: Importance And Steps To Conduct One

A candidate may be promising you the moon and stars, but his references might have something else to say about him. What if you are impressed by the promises and things he said about himself already? You may not get the background check done. And that is what can lead to a realisation that you took a wrong decision later. Isn’t it better to be cross-check everything than to regret it later? In this article, we walk you through the importance and quintessential steps to complete the background check successfully every time.

What is a background check? 

A background check is a kind of check that helps you look at the criminal record and employment history, driving, financial records, driving and more. All these help you make important decisions relating to hiring the employee so that the work that hires do is perfect and you all don’t end up hiring a criminal and put a blot on the image of your company.

Tip: Keep the process uniform for every shortlisted candidate so that it is fair for all.

How to do a background check?

 Inform the individual- Before you begin the background check, make sure you notify them that you are doing so. According to FCRA, it is a requirement that you should inform the person before doing so. And when you get permission from them, you may begin. Make sure you write down the segments of background check that the applicant would have to go through. Also, do keep a copy of the same with you.

  • Brush up the state laws- Every state has a set of their own rules. So, make sure you are allowed to check or not check the criminal, credit, employment, driving, military or educational records of the candidate.
  • Conduct Drug tests- You should take the pere employment drug tests so that you know if anyone of them is a drug addict. You know the repercussions of the same are major. However, this step should be done when the candidate has accepted the offer letter. Do this before entering the data of the hire in the HR and payroll software.
  • Call the references- If sources are to be believed then more than 85% of employers found out that the candidate lied about something or the other in their resumes. In order to save yourself from getting to know the facts later, you should ask the references about everything in detail. For instance, you can ask questions regarding the strengths, weakness, biggest accomplishment, communication skills, and more. Don’t forget to thank them later.
  • Hire a background check company- If any sort of leg work is involved in the background check like going to the native place of the candidate and checking if the permanent address is right or not then it is a better idea to hire a company for this.

The last step in the realm is to review reports and then take your final decision to hire or not hire the employee. If you are hiring them, start entering their data in the HR and payroll data too!


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