5 Best E-commerce Websites in India

In the past 5 years In India, we have witnessed the maximum number of growth in terms of online trade. Before these Indian e-commerce websites, we had international websites like Amazon.com. But due to the mentality of the Indian person, very less amount of people trust these websites. But due to the advancement in the field of internet. People started doing things which was internet-based. Again as the advancement in the field of internet, people started using the internet more often, and then India becomes one of the top 5 countries with the most internet users and usage. After this, people started trusting the activities done on the internet.

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Top-5-E-Commerce-Websites-in-India.jpg-1800×1200- (1)

At that point, online shopping comes into play. People started ordering products online. Also, the offers which e-commerce websites were offering, were super attractive and cheap. Then ordering anything online becomes a trend in India. At that time there was very few e-commerce website. But now, the Indian internet is full of tons and tons of e-commerce websites. As of 2019, 80% of people buy products online. It is now a very basic thing in India. You need something, simply buy that product online or if you want to check any product first and then buy from the shop. Check on the internet.

Here is the list of 5 best e-commerce websites.

  1. Flipkart

This is the best-known e-commerce website available right now in India. Flipkart is also the most trusted website in the e-commerce field. On this website, you can buy anything from a piece of engraved stone to the most expensive jewelry. Even dog food, bird food, grocery products, household things, and that too with the shops available across the whole India. To beat their customers, Flipkart also gave service of using debit card EMI which no e-commerce website offers. Also, their advertisement theme and approach are on top. They cover almost every social media platform and that too handled with ease. People are very habitual of this website as if they want anything they just go on this website. It is like their personal shopping website in which they go every time and buy anything.You can see latest result from fresh hiring.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best e-commerce website available right now all over the world. They have several versions of their website. As one website is for the whole world that is Amazon.com and the other one is country-specific and local like Amazon.in, Amazon.ru, etc. Their best part is the delivery speed and quality, it is known that nothing is 100%, but they managed to deliver 98% of their ordered products. Nowadays in India, they are doing a great job as they started gaining a lot of products which are amazon exclusive. Not only they have so many different versions of their websites but also they have their products like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, etc.

  1. Myntra

This is one of the best available clothes oriented website we have in India. Their start was not good, as an e-commerce website. But by time passes they have managed to beat even Flipkart in clothes oriented products. Also, so many people trust this website as they total buy their clothes online from this product. As a cloth-based website even if a cloth does not fit you perfectly as mentioned in their size list. They will just replace or return your money. And trust me all the products they have are well made, original and of a great quality. Their advertisement is on the top as they cover almost all the social media aspects. They have so many brand ambassadors like people specially buy their products for their favorite celebrity.

Overall best websites to buy clothes.

  1. Paytm Mall

Paytm, all people in India know this website, as when you need to pay money to anyone online. This website comes into play. They have not restricted themselves in payment portals but they have entered into e-commerce as well. When people use their Paytm to pay for something then they give them a certain amount of cashback. For this feature, people use this website and that cashback money is not useless, people can buy anything from their Paytm Mall using that cashback cash. So it is a good website for online shopping. You can easily get great discount shopping using Paytm mall coupons.

  1. Snapdeal

This website can offer good and the cheapest line of products on the list. And they have so many happy customers. Snapdeal has the most trusted happy customer’s community. So we can trust this website for our daily products. During any festive event, this website is on top as they very well know how to attract customers during any festive time. You can get anything you need from this website. So this is a highly recommended e-commerce website.

This was the list of some of the best available e-commerce websites on the internet in India. Happy shopping.

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