10 Best WordPress Plugins to Help in Tech Blog

It’s very good that you have a Tech Blog built on Wordpress. Let me help you to make your blog more efficient with adding some very useful plugins.

It’s very good that you have a Tech Blog built on WordPress. Let me help you to make your blog more efficient with adding some very useful plugins. So here is the list of 10 best WordPress plugins to help you for your Tech Blog.

1. Floating Social Bar

You will get many social media plugins for your WordPress site but what’s special in this is that it is built without unnecessary scripts hence it will never slow down your site and contains only that Social Medias that you would need.

2. Disqus

It is basically a third party commenting system. It is recommended using because the default WordPress commenting system works best only with few users approaching your site after that it becomes slow and also affecting the speed of the site.

3. WPtouch

If your tech blog works best in PC suite and looks odd in mobile suite then this plugin will help you to create the best responsive themes for mobile. Besides these there are more features available in this plugin.

4. Sucuri

Whether your blog or website is based on any niche or topic, the security of it is very crucial. As we know hacking attacks have increased very much and to protect your blog we recommend you to install this plugin.

5. WP Rocket

This plugin will help you to boost the speed of your WordPress site. It is an ultimate caching plugin, the best one. It’s safe to use and your WordPress site’s speed will increase surely.


YARPP stands for Yet Another Related Post Plugin. It is a plugin designed to display a list of posts or pages related to current page you are viewing. This plugin will give readers an opportunity of reading more posts related to the topic.

7. AH Display Widgets

You want to add some widgets on the sidebars of your WordPress site but you are lacking behind because you think that it will need HTML coding and other scripts to be implemented. That time has gone, use this WordPress plugin to have widgets added to your blog by just clicking on the checkboxes.

8. Login Lockdown

It is a very awesome WordPress plugin which is useful if your WordPress site has Login system. It will decrease the hack attempts that can be made to your blog’s login panel. It puts a limit on the user of entering wrong password. The limit of incorrect attempts can be set easily.

9. Backup Buddy

Undoubtedly, it takes very much hard work and a lot of time to establish a complete blog. Your contents are very precious and there should be any method by which we can backup them. This plugin is very helpful to set automatic backup schedule for your WordPress site.

10. Pro Sites

If your tech blog has a network of subscribers and members then there should be a manager to manage them 24×7. Pro Site plugin has unique features to manage these kinds of stuff. It is also designed for multisite network. With this plugin you are able to view statistics and analytics.

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